Resolute Investors was founded by a veteran strategy, marketing and business development executive.

Andrew O'Brien
Managing Director
Prior to founding Resolute Investors, Andrew O'Brien was a senior executive with Brooktrout, Inc., a publicly-held provider of enabling technology for telecommunications systems. During his thirteen-year career with Brooktrout, he created and led the company’s marketing organization. In that role, he led marketing program development, the creation of the company’s indirect distribution channels, and the launch of several new product lines. As the company’s business development executive, he completed several acquisitions and divestitures, including purchases of both stand-alone companies and corporate “spin-outs." Prior to joining Brooktrout, he was a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company and a corporate lending officer at Chase Manhattan Bank. He received his BA in chemistry and economics from Yale University and his MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.


We offer several advantages to sellers that simplify the selling process and ensure a successful exit for owners.

We invest our own capital in our acquisitions. We are not deal sponsors dependent on other investors’ investment decision-making processes. We are not constrained by the restrictions and time-frames of agreements with limited partners.

Unlike private equity firms who do not have operating management experience or resources, we are interested in situations that lack senior management, such as an owner seeking to retire, corporate divestitures or other situations in which management in not in place.

We invest in a business in order to create equity value by growing the business. We do not invest to consolidate businesses with other operations or other companies in our portfolio. Therefore, we offer new opportunities to the talented managers and employees who share our vision for the growth and success of the business.


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